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Welcome to the Text To Speech Engine online.

We run a service that has one aim - help other websites enable audio. The Text To Speech Engine is designed to be easy to embed in web applications, for mashups, or just for fun.

In fact, it's so simple you can try it right now!

(This demo requires a HTML5 enabled browser, such as the latest versions of Firefox, Opera or Chrome)

You can also simply navigate to and you'll immediately download an audio file of a man saying those words. Cool, huh?

In HTML5 enabled browsers, this is laughably easy to use. We support both .ogg and .wav file formats, for full compatibility with all major HTML5 enabled browsers. (We'd support mp3 too, but there are some legal barriers).

We hope you like our service! Please get in touch with us at info [ at ] to let us know if you're going to use our service for anything that will amount to a lot of traffic (more than a couple of thousand hits per month). This service is free to use for low volume hits and easy mashups, but we're running this out of the goodness of our hearts. We're here to help!

Thanks for stopping by! Regards, the Text To Speech Engine team

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